Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm an artisan!!

I was reading on Knitter's Review, this thread about what kind of knitter you are. Well I am erratic an artisan. I can make that pattern my own. I have not the talents of my insane talented knitting friend, Mary, who can upon seeing a garment whip up a collection the likes of Debbie Bliss. I am more able to customize the item to my tastes. That is why my beautiful Charlotte's Web Shawl has been altered to suit my tastes. Rows 68-71 have been repeated in the first lace repeat pattern instead of frogging using 2nd lace pattern repeat on rows 70 & 71. I think it will look lovely with this
design feature. It is now up through row 74 and I am officially done with 2 colors.I may have an extra 2 rows of color #2 instead of color #3 but that will be a surprise design feature for all of us.

I finally have a few pictures. Remember the Felted Intarsia slippers I knitted for my sister-in-law? Here they are prefelted(that was up to her) with my cat, Zoe, admiring them. slippers.
And here is the denim shawl as well...shawl

And just so you can see that Memphis gets snow, here is my home last Friday...houseinsnow

The visit with Jenny was wonderful but tiring. A whirlwind of shopping and househunting for her totaled a great gal pal week in all. And then the men (hers & mine) returned. All good things must come to an end. At least we picked Frank up from his flight from Hawaii to a snowstorm here.Image hosting by Photobucket

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emy said...

All the snow photos are making me jealous!