Saturday, February 11, 2006

Olympics slow start

Just a quick note on my progress... The Charlotte's Web Shawl started off fine, a few problems with trying to get markers in the right place and keeping track of all the yarn overs. I began about 2:30 PM central time since I was out house hunting with my friend(they're thinking of buying an investment property in the area),I was up to about row 39-40 after about 4 hours of sporadic knitting. It SNOWED here in Memphis so had to take pictures, had to start a fire, had to dart off to the grocery store and beat off the rampaging Armageddon crowd to pick up a rotisserie chicken for dinner, and after I get back and settled down,I start thinking, "Gee when do I change to second color?" This is where I earned my first deduction. The judges, oops pattern, states at row 26!!!! It was easier to frog the whole thing than tink back the rows. So on a restart I am now, with color changes up through row 28.
The hubby returns from Hawaii today to the snowy wonderland of Memphis. I say it's poetic justice. But Jenny and I shall merrily continue our girl fest and maybe dress up Frank, paint his toenails in OPI's I'm not really a waitress, and include him in our happy all night gab sessions!

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Patty said...

Hello Lisa, I have been enjoying your blog and wish you could join us for our valentine's knit group....tanya is making chocolate soup!!! I found poor frank returning from HI to snow quite funny. We only received a dusting here. Miss you friend