Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Falling off the planet...

Ok so that surgery the first of November that was supposed to be a simple overnight hysterectomy with 1-2 weeks of recovery was pretty disastrous. Suffice it to say I had complications, I was in the hospital for 8 days, left without a belly button but instead had a large open wound in that place and took eight exhausting weeks to recover. On the other hand I absolutely LOVE my hormone patch!

I thought I could get a lot of knitting done during my recovery. Well, I did (more on that later) but not the first 2/12 weeks. I was just to tired to do much but watch TV. Even reading was exhausting. But I managed to complete two fun fur scarves, one for my niece and one for a friend's daughter. I completed another scarf for my mom as well as a cabled pillow for her for Christmas. And I also managed to make an Ann Norling Fruit cap in purple and green for my other niece. I really will have pictures of all of these soon since I took a lot over the holidays.

I'm finally back doing the Fiber Trends sock...heel is turned, gusset complete, finished foot decreases, so I'm working on the foot itself. It was to complicated to concentrate on during my recovery. I really messed up the heel turn and had to FROG away but now it is going smoothly. Reading a pattern on Tilox is a Bad idea! [img]http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung0304/fragend/confused-smiley-013.gif[/img]

That's all for now. Since it's December and Christmas is over, it's tome to sort out the yarn stash so that's today's project!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Happy World Series & Out of Commission

Well, I'm personally still in pleasant shock over the Sox finally winning the 2004 World Series. It's been way to long in coming but I'm so thrilled that it was this wonderful group of players. They've had so much heart and team togetherness that it feels right.

I attempted to knit my reflections sock during the last game. Way bad idea. When I got to turning the heel, I had to frog about three times and decided to put it aside since obviously my concentration was on something else.

I will be out of commission for the next week. I am having surgery on Monday so I won't be on the computer. But I plan on knitting during my recovery!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

FO, LYS and Game 3

I finished the Eros scarf yesterday, just in time for Halloween since it has such pretty fall colors. I will be posting pictures soon!

I was at the LYS that was new to me yesterday. It's the Yarn Basket at the corner of Independence and Virginia Beach Boulevard. Such a nice, friendly store! They've been open for about 3-4 months now. Great selection but a little lean on the sock yarn. BUT, they had a nifty scarf made out of Lana Grossa Multieffekt. It was 76 st CO a #3 circular needle knit in the round. It was self striping and so pretty! They recommended 2 skeins and when you start second skein, cut up yarn for fringe(choose your own length). Great find yesterday!!

Game 3 for Red Sox/Cardinals tonight and I'm wearing my Johnny Damon shirt. I'm just wicked excited about all this world series stuff!!

Friday, October 22, 2004

World Series Bound

Ok so I didn't post yesterday because I spent the day in celebration!!!I can't believe my beloved Red Sox made it! I've been waiting half my life for this (now you can figure out how old I am!)!!

I got a few more rows done on the wallaby. I keep joking with people that it's a big green tube. The Eros scarf keeps getting longer but I want it long enough to knot the scarf ends and to wrap loosely around my neck. I think I only need about 8-12" more.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Red Socks/Sox!!!

WOOOOHEEEE! We pulled it out, way to go Ortiz!! I'm so excited that the Red Sox made it this far! Does anyone out there have a pattern for Red Socks to match the team's logo? I've been looking at it and I think I could come up with one from a basic sock pattern but it would be nice to have one to follow.

I've also been looking at the Kool Aid dyeing method. I was thinking though, instead of dyeing the yarn, knitting a pair of white socks and then dyeing them. Anyone tried that?

Monday, October 18, 2004

Happy Monday!

It's happy Monday! So I had a weekend like most everyone else. I spent Friday night at Girl Scout Bingo, a large service unit event, and got about 1 1/2" done on the wonderful wallaby in between number calls. It wasn't typical bingo with large sheets, dabbers, loots of smoke and bizarre, lucky mascots. This was for kids and families so it was with cards that you slide the little fields over the numbers, so knitting was no big deal.

I'm also working on a quick scarf with Eros #3250. Just 8 st on a #8 needle knitted up in St st. That's about 2/3 done and I got to the heel of sock one of reflections. I'm dying to start a set of mittens and/or a new hat.

I found another list to join (actually I've found several but I'll bring them all up this week)...Knit Hats Now which is what is pushing me to start my felted hat. But I'm not starting anything (haha!)until I finish at least the scarf.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Wonderful Wallaby

I posted this question on Knitlist a few days ago...
Quick question on the Wonderful Wallaby by cottage creations. I've
knitted the 3" of ribbing. Now I need to K evenly in St st for
approximately 6 inches. Does that mean 6 total inches (3" ribbing,
3" St st) or 6 more inches(3" ribbing and 6" St st for a total of 9
inches)? I'm at the total 6 inches and am hesitating.

Well I received a variety of answers via email from knitters who have made at least one, if not several, wallabies and all love them. I wouldn't mind a few comments here so I can go with a majority opinion which seems to be go for the total of nine inches.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Ok Here's my personal plug for this book and KnitLit(too). I love these books. My favorite story is from KnitLit(too) with the mom who is trying to knit a sock as she ice skates and causes complete havoc at the pond. It's hilarious! It's also how I found Cottage Craft from Canada. I just drool over their sweater kits. I'm waiting for a sample card of their yarns. I'm thinking of using them for the Log Cabin Afghan by, now don't get confused, Cottage Creations. And excitement of last night...I saw another knitting store off of Independence and Virginia Beach Boulevard. I'll be checking that out very soon!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


So of course, I don't own enough yarn! When I start a hobby, my favorite part is the hunt for items. My LYS, Hook and I, on Virginia Beach Boulevard, had a 10% off email coupon. So I managed to buy a set of #10 DPN and Lamb's Pride Pine Tree for a felted hat, my first. I'm going to mix in Handpaint Originals by Brown Sheep Company for some jazz. I've already made the 76 stitches hat from the Fall Interweave issue. I did that with Lopi and another Handpaint Originals, which is a dream to knit. I loved that hat so much, I'm going to try out some Paton's Decor and see how that looks. My neighbor had a baby this summer so I'm going to make the Anne Norling fruit cap in Cascade DK, in peach and green. And of course I picked up some fun yarn, Colorlash and Prisma, for a fun scarf. The reflections sock is about 1/3 of the way done, I'm on the heel today so that should be done tonight.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Brand new Blogger

Starting my own blog, just another of the many already out there. Currently I am working on the Wonderful Wallaby in Encore Worsted Hunter and Reflectiions Socks from Fiber Trends in Nature Spun Sport Bordeaux. I took up knitting agin after 9 years as part of my weight loss. I've lost over 40 pounds since last September and I've figured out that I'm a "bored" eater, I eat when I'm doing nothing else like watching TV or reading. Knitting helps keep me busy.