Thursday, January 12, 2006

This week's knitting

Well the crayon box jacket is moving along. I'm still on a film camera and my USB port has issues so pictures will come along eventually. For now, I have 2 sleeves and 6 boxes on the bottom row. Progress!!

So then I got bored. I knit up a shawl in Joann's Movie Shawl II pattern using some Muench or GGh Marathon in a light blue variegated that I had intended to use for Fiber Trend's Shoalwater Shawl and some Muench Soft Kid in color #72. It looks like a soft denim wrap and I love it.

I was talking to Charlotte Parry at Yarniverse and we thought about starting Grumperina's Jaywalking socks. So I went home and went through my sock yarn stash. I think I'm screwed. I have lots and lots of Lorna's Lace that I stocked up on before moving here but that only gives me 430 yards for 2 skeins, which is of course what I have. I'm not sure if this will be enough. I then move on to my Koigu collection. More problems-again all in lovely pairs but some are reserved for water bottle slings after the immediate family went ballistic that my brothers-in-law were getting the ones I made before Christmas. Not that they don't like them, they just wanted the slings-greedy people, not like they wear the socks I made for them... Anyways, as Lorna's 2 skeins are definitely not going to be enough here. So....

The hubby has been working late all week and is one of the seven dwarfs (not Sleepy, Dopey, Sneezey, Bashful, Doc, or Happy). Today we are going for our monthly massage and lunch date at Serenity Day Spa and I've managed to weasel a trip to Yarniverse in Cordova to muse over sock yarn. Yipee a sanctioned, approved stash building trip!

So still being bored, I started a pair of felted, intarsia checkerboard slippers for my sister in law's birthday in Brown Sheep's Bulky with Pine Shadows as my main color and Sunburst Gold and Roasted Coffee as contrast. Nice, earthy colors for the lady whom my daughter calls, a hippie. And a very cool one at that, I say! I finished one last night. I plan on sending them to her unfelted and let her do that part so I know they fit. She's an artist and pretty crafty. She'll love it.

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