Friday, July 13, 2007

THE Baby Blanket is Complete!!!!!

aran baby blanket
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I had to do a brief post. I finally finished the epic baby blanket. It's the Aran Baby blanket from Knit Baby Blankets and I used Plymouth Encore in cream (256). I am so happy with this blanket. It is large enough to last into toddlerhood and I purposely used washable yarn. I loved the cabling so much that I'm eyeing more cable projects! Now we just need the baby to be born and he's due any second!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Well, I have been very neglectful of my HSKS 1 partner. I realized that I never posted a picture of her gifties to me.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket The sock pattern is from Knit Picks and I don't have it yet so it's most welcome. The bag is a design of my partner, Bronwyn. Click on Knitted Dice Bag for a free pattern. She made mine from Knit Picks Merino Style. It is divine. The girls keep trying to "borrow" it. Strngely enough, she will also be gifting me for HSKS2. I can't wait to see what I get!

I recently finished the bag for my HSKS2 partner.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I used the Cinnamon Braid Sling Bag from Cat Bordhi's, "Second Treasury of Magical Knitting." This was my first successful mobius project. My first, a novelty scarf, is, no joke, about 8 feet long!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I used Nature Spun Worsted and now my youngest wants one in Ravenclaw colors by the Book premiere next week. I still have to finish a baby blanket by then.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dog Days of Summer Contest

Someone who crochets- Abby C.

Someone who's never made a dishcloth before Madonna B.
Someone who has been knitting\crocheting for less than 2 years Angela T.
Someone who has been knitting\crocheting for more than 5 years Barb N.
Someone who is from a non-US country Stephanie L

HSKS 2 Trivia


1. "What happens if I wave my wand and nothing happens?" "Throw it away and punch him on the nose." Which two people are talking? Harry & Ron

2."If he raided our house he'd have to put himself under arrest." Who say this? Fred
3. When sitting on the wall next to Professor Dumbledore at the beginning of the book, who does Professor McGonagall bet was the wizard responsible for the shooting stars seen by Muggles over Kent?

Dedalus Diggle

4. Known by the students as Nearly Headless Nick, what was Nick's actual name?

Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington

5. When venturing into the Dark Forest with Hagrid for their detention, who is the first centaur Harry and Hermione see?


6. We know that Parvati Patil was sorted into Gryffindor house, but what house was her twin Padma sorted into?


7. What colour do the flames turn when you use Floo powder?

Emerald green

8. What colour tie was Cornelius Fudge wearing when he came to take Hagrid to Azkaban?


9. After running away from the Dursley's, Harry took up a room at the Leaky Cauldron. What number room did he stay in?


10. While Ron, Hermione, and his other classmates are in Hogsmeade, Harry stops in for a chat with Professor Lupin. What did Lupin tell Harry he had just taken delivery of for their next lesson?


Picture Scavenger Hunt
The pictures can either be posted on your blog or you can link to them from your blog.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Dog days of Summer Questionaire

Do you knit, or crochet, or do both? How long have you been knitting\crocheting?
I only knit and I have been knitting for about 3 years.

Have you knit dishcloths or dishtowels before? Lots and lots!

What are your favorite cotton yarns? Is there a cotton or linen you’ve been dying to try but have not? Either Sugar and Creme or Peaches and Creme.

Are there any cotton yarns you don’t enjoy knitting with? nope

What type of needle do you prefer using? (Metal/Wood/Plastic)Any of the three but I am admittedly a snob and love my Addi Turbos.

What other projects do you enjoy knitting or crocheting?Just about anything.I like hats, socks, and felting.

Do you have other hobbies or enjoy other kinds of crafting? Photography and scrapbooking.

What kind of treats do you like? Chocolate? Candies? Nuts? Chocoalte wi/out nuts (not allergic just a preference), gummi bears

What colors are your kitchen and bath decorated in, if any? Blues, Whites and Yellow

What are your favorite colors and what colors do you dislike?same as above

Do you drink coffee? Tea? Other beverages? Mostly water

Do you have any kids (human or pet variety!)? 2 daughters, 15 & 11 and 1 old girl baby cat

Do you have any allergies? Morphine!

Please share 3 tidbits about yourself that you think your pal and other swappers might find odd or interesting.

I'm a Navy wife so my life is very portable. Knick Knacks /thcotchkis are important because those are how I decorate everywhere I live.

I'm going back to school to be a media specialist.

This is my first time living more than a day's drive to the ocean. I really miss it!