Friday, January 20, 2006

Overcommitted Knitter

Well, I'm officially swamped. OTN-the ruffles scarf from Scarfstyle that is turning into a UFO because I'm bored with it, crayon box jacket that has 2 sleeves complete and 6 squares of the main body-just need a break from it, and now jaywalkers in Brown Sheep's Wildfoote in Geranium. Started those last Saturday and am up to the heel flap on the first one. I've entered Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics and plan on knitting my first real shawl, Koigu's Charlotte's Web Shawl. But wait I'm not done, I plan on knitting another pair of felted slippers for my friend, Michelle, but these are a no brainer since I can whip these out in under 24 hours. Did I mention the baby blanket, the one in Stitch 'n Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook? I've ordered the yarn from that in my first knitpicks order in Shine twist seaside. AND I finally decided to knit a sweater. I'm taking a class at Yarniverse with Ann. I'm going to be making a sweater for the ages from Yarn Girls' Guide to Beyond the Basics in [shocker] Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece in Prairie Lupine. Guilt has also hit me and I need to turn out a booga bag for a friend. I want to sign up for Alison's Sockapaloooza since those aren't due until May 1st. Oh yeah, I also discovered the Panta and want to pop out one of those. Is there an asylum for knitters? I need reservations!!!!

Here I can show that I really do finish projects.
The green mittens are a pattern from Ann Norling and knit with Cascade 220 Quatro #9434. The bluish mittens are the same yarn but in 9439 and they were a pattern from Family Circle's easy Knitting Fall 2005 issue. Yarniverse's Charlotte Parry designed them and taught a class back in October/November. Have an autographed copy of the magazine from her! Thanks Charlotte! BTW these were my Christmas gifts to my sisters-in-law in Boston and Maine.

Ok, I think I need to knit!NOW!!!!

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