Saturday, January 07, 2006


Well I certainly let this blog lapse! I guess the big news is that the navy moved us this summer to Germantown, Tennessee, right outside of Memphis. I miss the ocean but I love this area, 4 knitting stores and 1 has 2 locations!!! So really 5.

My knitting has been prolific. I'll be getting more pictures up but since June I finished the Einstein coat, learned to knit mittens and knit 3 pairs, knit 2 water bottle holders, started Chris Bylsma's Crayon Box jacket in reds, blacks, and gold.

Here are the sleeves so far. I've also knitted a pair of felted intarsia slippers from Knit One, Felt Too.

I've also knitted 2 hats for my nieces.
I'll be trying to keep this blog updated with 2 or 3 entries a week. My New Year's Resolution(wink, wink)...

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