Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Opening Day!

It's opening day at Fenway! I know the season started officially last week and the Sox are already 5-1 but it doesn't feel right until it's at Fenway. This means a new season of hope. Especially with such a new roster!!

Well I spent the weekend planting again. I really have more radishes Image hosting by Photobucket than I thought. As I started digging to reseed the row I found sprouts. DUUUUHH. I'm an impatient gardener. However, I did reseed the lettuce and started the carrots. I did get the dye garden started also. The woad, indigo, and cotton are in their containers. WOOHOO!!

I'm loving the projects in the spring '06 Knitty. I especially love Nautie. And I know I'll be knitting a pair of pedicure socks for the fall. Don't need those for mid summer Memphis heat! I may have to try out the dishwasher dyeing but I'll just save that for when hubby is on a detailing trip. Then only the girls can witness that crafting disaster! On that note I do need to start hitting some spring garage sales to find some old pots and spoons for my summer dyeing with indigo and woad!!

The baby blanket is coming along. About 8 1/2 inches. At 14 I get to reverse the pattern Image hosting by Photobucket. Excitement awaits.


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Bess said...

I haven't gardened in the past few years - allergies have kept me indoors. But I too remember digging up recently planted seeds, just to see what was taking them so long!!!

Thanks for the chuckle.

PJ said...

Hi Fellow Navy Knitter! I love your button may I copy it? Do you happen to have a list of other Navy knitters? your blog looks like so much fun I must explore more! I came to it from the Knit the Classics...when is the next book or can I join any time (I'll be emailing them)