Saturday, April 01, 2006

Flash your stash

Lots of knitting news. First, sockapalooza gull wing socks are finished. Yay! The hat and baby booties are also finished!! I have added the baby kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting which is just a wonderful book and I am halfway through that. Pictures to come on those soon but I don't disappoint on that score today. The lettuce and radishes are in the garden. So productive week all in all.

Now for Flash your stash...

This was scary. But I'm more organized than I thought. Most of my yarn isn't random. I really do have an intended project for it. Not that I remember what all these projects are!
Image hosting by Photobucket This one is for a Lily Chin scarf that might just be changed over to a sweater instead. Image hosting by PhotobucketI LOVE my booga bag and want to make more so that's what this Noro is for, except instead of 3, I have 6 of the same color. I bought it twice in different LYSs so that may become something else.
Image hosting by PhotobucketThese are for another crayon box jacket. I like the colors better and NO fur.
Image hosting by PhotobucketI once made a 76 stitches hat from an old issue of Interweave from Lopi Lite. This Manos is for another one. It's what they made the original with.
Image hosting by PhotobucketThis is the Knit Picks yarn for the baby blanket.
Image hosting by PhotobucketThese are some Lorna's Lace to make some clapotis scarves.
Image hosting by PhotobucketHere's some more Knit Picks to make a shawl.
Image hosting by PhotobucketMy friend, Tanya, got me these skeins of STR and the pattern from last year's Maryland Sheep and Wool.
Image hosting by PhotobucketSome Lorna's Lace, Helen's Lace, intended for the shawl pattern on the ball band.
Image hosting by PhotobucketThis is some beautiful Dune for a scarf.
Image hosting by PhotobucketThis is the Brown Sheep Bulky that I'll be using for the felted slippers for my sister in law and my friend.
Image hosting by Photobucket I have 2 scarves planned for this yarn, now I need to remember the patterns!
Image hosting by PhotobucketI was planning on making a blanket from Knit1 from this Lion Brand pile. Now I'm not so sure.
My sock stash is rather big but not of epic proportions(yet). Here is the Lorna's Lace group.Image hosting by Photobucket I really do have 2 skeins of each color.
Image hosting by PhotobucketThis is a mix of Knit Picks and Mountain Colors. I have a group of skeins of solid colors, a mish mash of Knit Picks, Brown Sheep and others. Image hosting by Photobucket Here's some Cascade Fixation, Wildfoote and some yarn dyed by a local woman in Virginia Beach from Ewe Knits and Kits.Image hosting by Photobucket And lastly for socks, my striped palette. Image hosting by Photobucket
I do actually like knitting dishcloths to try out neew stitch patterns. I actually use them as doilies around the house. So for that purpose I have some Lily Sugar and Cream Cotton. Image hosting by Photobucket I have a Koigu stash that I don't include with my socks because those are for some more water bottle slings. Image hosting by Photobucket Here's some yarn for my blue period, whenever that comes around.Image hosting by Photobucket I have some mohair, for what reason or pattern , I don't remember. Image hosting by Photobucket The Lamb's Pride Worsted has a felting purpose that is waiting to be discovered. Image hosting by Photobucket The Lion Brand group has no purpose but is the result of several sales at Michael's and A.C. Moore.Image hosting by Photobucket
My secret pal, Elspeth, gave me this lovely group of Cascade Quattro.Image hosting by Photobucket
The Paton's stash was originally intended for a hat. It may go for more felting projects. List under"undecided."Image hosting by PhotobucketAnother reason why the crayon box jacket has become an expensive UFO, is the tangled mess the yarns are in, hence the bad picture.Image hosting by PhotobucketI really love the pattern but I'm thinking the black, red, and gold, plus the furry aspect, is going to make me look fat, dumpy and matronly.
Here's my baby yarn stash. I'm using the grass green color for the baby hat and booties gift. Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Ok now I know everyone has gone crazy with the novelty yarns and I am no exception. So if you just can't take the heat, scroll quickly past this shot of my novelty/scarf yarn.
Image hosting by PhotobucketI apologize for the plethora of fun fur. It was fun while it lasted.

To conclude this journey of most of my yarn stash I give you the Brown Sheep Cotton Lupine that at some point I will be using to knit my first sweater.Image hosting by Photobucket

I hope you have enjoyed this post. You probably won't see this many pictures on this blog for a long time! If my husband happens to read this and you see him, administer oxygen and sympathy. He'll need it. Remind him he goes back on sea duty in about 2 short years. That always brings a smile to him!


Kimberly said...

WOW! Love your stash. I am jealous. Come over and join us at our Operation Fiber Force for all us military knitters (spinners and crocheters too)

JessaLu said...

Nice Stash!! :o)

monkeemaven said...

Great pictures! Love how you arranged your yarn!

Patty said...

OH Lisa...what a beautiful stash. I have been organizing for our pack out in May, and realize that one quarter of our weight allowance will be my stash!!! :) I sure hope Jeff will be at work when the movers arrive.

alison said...

Wow, that is a lot of funfur! (Love your sock pal socks!)

janXknits said...

That Reversible Cabled Scarf (you have the Cotton Fleece earmarked for it) is a NIGHTMARE. Not only is it a yarn hog, it is a project that require your complete and undivided attention at all times. However, it was also one of my most prized knitting projects. I'll love it forever, but I'll never knit it again. Good luck!

Tania said...

My stash is staying in the 'cave under the stairs.' I don't want DH to see how much there really is, especially since buying more this week.

BTW: You mentioned using Patons Decor for felting. With it's high acrylic content, I don't believe it will felt.

Jenni said...

You have a beautiful stash of yarn--great presentation too!

Pennie said...

WOW WOW WOW great stash, I thought I may have been at a store. LOL nice blog enjoyed reading it.

Mrs BJ said...

OH my gosh, you have a HUGE stash! That's awesome! I think it's nice that you actually have them color coordinated and a plan for it all instead of just random stuff (thought that has its own good purposes too! :-)) Thanks for showing us that!

yarnahoy said...

What a STASH!
Scrolling down to see it all made my finger hurt!

Angela said...

It's wonderful that you have some idea as to what most of your yarn is intended for! I probably have close to that and haven't the slightest clue about what I'm going to make. Plus I have plans to go and buy more!