Friday, October 15, 2004

Wonderful Wallaby

I posted this question on Knitlist a few days ago...
Quick question on the Wonderful Wallaby by cottage creations. I've
knitted the 3" of ribbing. Now I need to K evenly in St st for
approximately 6 inches. Does that mean 6 total inches (3" ribbing,
3" St st) or 6 more inches(3" ribbing and 6" St st for a total of 9
inches)? I'm at the total 6 inches and am hesitating.

Well I received a variety of answers via email from knitters who have made at least one, if not several, wallabies and all love them. I wouldn't mind a few comments here so I can go with a majority opinion which seems to be go for the total of nine inches.


Guam Girl said...

I've made three of these, and I have gone 6 inches total, not six inches beyond. The reason for this is that when you get to the six inches, this is where you mark for the beginning of the pouch.

Justy said...

I would knit an additional 6" and then follow the instructions for adding the pocket. The idea is to have enough fabric already knit so that there is some structure to the body of the sweater but not so much that the body of the sweater gets in the way when you are knitting in your pocket. You will go back and knit the body up to the same length as the pocket later.

If you haven't already done so, be sure to read through the instructions for both the Children's and Adult's sizes, there is information that is mentioned in one and assumed in the other. Easy if you read both, possibly confusing if you don't.

Enjoy your Wallaby, they are great sweaters :)