Wednesday, October 13, 2004


So of course, I don't own enough yarn! When I start a hobby, my favorite part is the hunt for items. My LYS, Hook and I, on Virginia Beach Boulevard, had a 10% off email coupon. So I managed to buy a set of #10 DPN and Lamb's Pride Pine Tree for a felted hat, my first. I'm going to mix in Handpaint Originals by Brown Sheep Company for some jazz. I've already made the 76 stitches hat from the Fall Interweave issue. I did that with Lopi and another Handpaint Originals, which is a dream to knit. I loved that hat so much, I'm going to try out some Paton's Decor and see how that looks. My neighbor had a baby this summer so I'm going to make the Anne Norling fruit cap in Cascade DK, in peach and green. And of course I picked up some fun yarn, Colorlash and Prisma, for a fun scarf. The reflections sock is about 1/3 of the way done, I'm on the heel today so that should be done tonight.

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