Sunday, June 18, 2006

Under a Rock

I am so sorry, especially to my SP, that I have not been posting much. BTW thank you so much for the kind comments about my very public pity party about my job. Things are gong much better in work in general and I'm learning what I need to improve and what is really not my problem. So thanks again.

Knitting has been going well. Such a great therapy and something to do during the endless softball games for the girls!. I finished the baby blanket. I also finished a buttonhole bag from Mason-Dixon Knittingin Lamb's Pride Bulky in Sun Yellow and Brite Blue, I think. I finally started my clapotis for The Amazing Lace. I went with Lorna's Lace Seaside in Lion and Lamb. It is a DREAM to knit with.

I've been shopping lately too. I picked up this and this. I got Dale of Norway's Norge 2000 pattern book off of eBay. I also got Rogue for myself and my secret pal. And then throw in an order to KnitPicks where I got wayyy too much.

I will hopefully have some pics later this week since I have rolls of film from Frank's (not my) trip to Monterey, knitting, my oldest's graduation, confirmation and birthday, and loads of softball pics.


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Anonymous said...

I'm a proud Navy aunt x4. I'm also a knitter, and a transplanted Southerner with many generations of Virginians in her ancestry. It was nice to come across your blog.