Friday, June 30, 2006

July/August Knitting to do List

Well, after my last post, I figure I should reset my knitting to do list.

1. Finish Clapotis for Amazing Lace
2. Start Trekking socks for Trek Along with Me
3. Felted purse for friend
4. Start 1 sweater/gauge swatch
5. Start Adamas/Candle Flame/Faroese Peaks shawl from Knitpicks- someone choose which shawl for me. I have the pattern and the yarn for any of these.

The sweater is also a toss up. I originally thought of making a summer sweater from Yarn Girls' Guide to Beyond the Basics in [shocker] Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece in Prairie Lupine. But yesterday, I was a very bad girl. I had a credit at Yarniverse and bought this and this in 602 for a fall sweater and still spent $100.00. So now I have to decide which to do. Again I'll take suggestions.

BTW, for any eBayers out there, the store I work at just took in some amazing shoes, starting at $9.99. Go here if you're interested.

To close, here's a picture of me knitting the clapotis at last Sunday's Memphis Redbirds game. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I'll be in Atlanta for most of the next week for the 4th so Happy 4th of July America!
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