Friday, June 02, 2006

Thank You Thank You Secret Pal!!

Secret Pal you are wonderful in my book. Your package came with perfect timing!! I shall have pics up soon to display my wealth. Alas, I do not own a digital camera so please bear with me. I adore the Burt's Bee's hand pack. And I love Yarn Harlot so I am sure to love her new book. I know there are some who do not,but I really love to knit with Noro Kureyon so thank you for the 2 beautiful skeins. And the bag of Dove chocolates was the piece de resistance. I had a particularly bad day at work. Without getting into details, I had a day where I felt completely inept and out of my milieu as it were. Almost complete with public tears...almost. I started this new job, which I love, but it's been fourteen years since I've been in the workplace. I am really putting my all into this and I feel that I'm falling on my face. It's really small detail stuff overall (well minus shattering the glass on a framed print in front of a customer today but that's beside the point), but I still feel that I am the weak link in the chain. I really loathe that feeling and when I try to correct it by making an effort to check my work, put that extra push in, I screw up. Basically today I hit my point of being (very publicly) embarrassed by my mistakes and the package was a real pick me up. So secret pal, thank you so much and know that you gave me a much needed feeling of warmth today.

On a very good note totally unrelated, my navy friends in Washington (Mr Hager, Tanya) had a baby girl, Jamie, on Tuesday and I finished the baby blanket for her that very afternoon. So along with SP package pics, I will have pics of the blanket as well. TTFN!


Tanya said...

Wow! So THAT was the new baby you were knitting for :-)! Thanks for telling me...I'll let Alistair know. are the bravest one of all, going BACK to the outside work world after all the years of kid chaos! Listen to this: A.'s plan is that I will be the primary income generator when he retires. Right. How's that for pressure? ha ha ha ha! And insanity?

Besides, everyone has bad days--it's just easy to forget that when the bad day happens to YOU. :-) Listen - you are so OVER QUALIFIED in multiple areas....there is NO WAY you are in over your head. Look at it like this: La Novia Room filled with unruly, whiny, competitive, hormonal women. There. See? Not so scary after all, since you can kick that back over your shoulder without breaking a sweat. ha ha ha!

Here's to your new venture! Brava and great for you!! t.

Secret Pal said...

Dear secret pal,

I am glad you enjoyed your gift. It was my pleasure picking out the gifts for you. As for your bad day, just remember that even that "star" employee can have a bad day, and your obviously thought that you were qualified for that position or else they would of never hired you. Besides what is amazing is you going back into the workforce after being gone for so long.

I hope you have a great day!

Your Secret Pal 8 Spoiler!