Monday, March 20, 2006

Too many projects, too little time

The cat's away again, he's off to San Diego this week. So now is as good a time as any to organize all my projects and perfect my wide eyed innocent look, while declaiming, "No, honestly, we really did move that yarn from Virginia Beach. It's not new." Man, I really need to go to confession this Lent.

Ok so the current project list...
1. Finish gull wing socks for Sockapalooza-u finished heel on 2nd sock, currently turning.
2. Finish jaywalkers- on 2nd leg
3. Hat & Booties for navy friends' new baby
4. Felted slippers- for sister in law's birthday
5. Felted slippers for another friend
6. Baby blanket for navy friends (different from others)
7. My sweater
8. Panta
9. Purse for oldest daughter
10. Crayon box jacket and ruffles scarf to be worked on in between so as not to be UFOs
11. Start clapotis
12. Helen's lace shawl

OK that's just knitting. Now let's move on to gardening...
1. Lay more dirt (I really hate clay) on garden.
2. Plant lettuce & radishes.
3. After April 15th I'm going to be nuts, well more than I am now.
4. Plant carrots, zucchini, beans, cucumbers, corn, marigolds, tomatoes (all 9 plants I ordered from Burpee), and pepper plants in veggie garden
5. Plant morning glories and assorted flowers around mailbox
6. Plant herbs in containers (Basil, thyme, and oregano, I think)
7. Plant cotton, indigo, and beets in containers for late summer dyeing. (Yes, Tanya, Mary and Pattie will be the recipients of the cotton if it grows! As y'all know, spinning ain't my thing!)
Ok your job, dear readers, is to keep pestering me on my projects. Keep me current and honest!! If that Sockapalooza sock is not done by next Monday-shame me into it!

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