Friday, June 29, 2007

F#^% the Gods of Knitting, Yarn & Needles

I'm so over it. This is NOT my knitting week[:(!]. I admit I have 10 inches of a baby blanket and the leg of a second sock to finish so I've got that "new" project itch. Now, I'm spending next week at a friend's house so there's plenty of knitting time to complete the other 2 projects. Her's a summary of my week...
Monday- I grab a lone skein of Diakeito and cast on for the twisted top toque in One Skein Wonders. I get the band done on Tuesday and start the decreases. I switch from circs to DPNs (here it comes) and realize I've knitted the stupid band with neddles 3 size smaller than what I need[:-P]!!! No wonder I was running out of yarn!

Wednesday, I take my girls to their beginning knitters class as an offering to the Knitting gods. I also devote an hour and a half to the blanket. Would that that action had appeased them[**].

So today I decide to try and reduce the stash of novelty yarns from Hades! I did a simple shawl with the 2 skeins of Trendsetter Sorbet. A bit on the small side but I realize I can always donate it to several silent auctions that occur in the fall. As I am weaving in the ends, I snagged the join of the 2 balls which of course is in the middle. I trim away and low and behold- I create a humungous hole and the %$%&&%$# thing starts to unravel[crazy]. That is now residing in my trash.

Have I neglected an appropriate sacrifice? Did I miss an important feast day? Should I burn the rest of the novelty yarns as an offering of good tidings? Should I dedicate a new working to quality alpaca? Perhaps I should adopt a Merino sheep? Obviously, I am scared to play with my current WIPs. Help me break the curse!!!!

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Tanya B. said...

Hey! :-) I'm just back from a family reunion (A's family...big fun...big fun) -- that is GREAT news about the girls going to knitting classes! How did it go?

Heedong Choi headed your way in the Autumn...some kind of three month stash deal in PCO pipeline. I told him you'd send him toward Penzey's and all the other excellent secrets locally. love..t