Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 Ways to Lighten Your Mood

1. Watch something funny, especially with someone who has never seen the movie before - I'm watching Caddyshack with Katie and loving her reactions!

2. Read something funny - I love having that laugh that makes everyone womder what is so funny.

3. RAOK (Random Act of Kindness)- flowers or a card sent to a friend as a surprise

4. Visit your favorite place- mountains, seashore, park, garden, zoo...A day at the beach is such a relaxing pick-me-up for me.

5. Finish something you have been putting off - that lapsed craft project, that corner of the desk that needs organizing - the sense of accomplishment makes me feel like I did something

6. Lunch with a friend - love to get together and share an hour or two about what's going on - my recent fav has been Baker's Crust for the half sandwich and soup followed by the Crepe Diablotin.

7. Make a fun mix of songs and have them at the ready on your Ipod when exercising or driving around - been loving "Let's Groove" by Earth, Wind and Fire lately - must be from watching Night at the Museum:Batlle for the Smithsonian.

8. Hugs from your kids - I still have the best hugger at home for another four years at least!

9. Chocolate - the temporary panacea to all problems!!

10. Date night with the hubby  - we love joint massages, dinner, and chatting at Starbuck's

So what works for you???



C in DC said...

#8 - I think L. would give K. a run for the money in this contest. L. is a snuggler.

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