Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fall into Autumn Questioanire

1. Do you knit or crochet? How long have you been doing it?Only knit and have been for about 3 years

2. Have you made dischloths before? Do you use them yourself, give them as gifts, or both??Made many and do both

3. What's your favorite cotton to make cloths from? What cotton would you like to try that you haven't before ??Lily Sugar and Creme and I'll try any

4. If you knit, do you prefer circular or straight needles? For all, do you prefer wooden, metal, or plastic needles?Don't really like plastic but will knit with most else

5. What are your favorite colors? Any colors you don't like much??Blues, Greens, Whites/Creams/Yellow, not particularly fond of brown

6. What do you like best about Autumn??The smells, but I really miss New England falls. They're the best!

7. Pies: Pumpkin? Apple? Pecan? All of em? or No Thanks!?Apple and Sweet Potato

8. When you were a kid, were you the one who couldn't wait to get started with school , or the one who overslept on the 1st day??Overslept- stiill do!

9. Do you celebrate Halloween? (The real key here guys is especially knowing if you have an aversion to the holiday or little goodies/decorations associated with it, given the timeframe of the swap)?Oh yeah, love to decorate outside more than I do inside but strangely I'm not into the costumes

10. If you had to choose just 3 edible 'goodies' to eat for a full year, what 3 would you choose??Chocolate,chocolate and oh yeah, chocolate (no nuts!)

11. Do you have any pets? Kids? Husbands who seem like kids? ;)?One cat, 2 girls ages 11 and 15 and 1 hubby

12. If you were to describe a particular yarn that shares traits of your personality, what would it be and why??no clue but probably Noro Kureyon because of the crazy colors and the slubbiness and irregularity of the yarn.

13. Do you use your cloths mostly for dishcloths, or as facecloths??Dishcloths and doilies

14. Favorite Fall Holiday: Halloween or Thanksgiving and why? (Feel free to share another fall memory if you do not celebrate either of these holidays)?Halloween

15. Do you have any allergies or aversions your pal should know about??Other than not being a big nut or coconut fan, nope


Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say I found your blog, secret buddy! I'll be reading along so if you have special requests, just shout them out!

Anonymous said...

Hey and don't forget to respond to the topic of the week. I'd LOVE to read your thoughts on it.

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