Saturday, May 28, 2005

End of May & Moving

And here I thought it would take another month to post something!!

Well it will be even "post-bleaker" here. I'll be shifting homes to Memphis, Tennessee in mid-June.

The trip to Knitting Sister's never happened...Boo hoo! Only one of the fellow knitters could go and had to cancel at the last minute due to a Mother's Day tea at her daughter's school. The nerve of her putting her children ahead of knitting!! I didn't feel like driving up alone due to a really bad nor'easter, the nerve of me putting personal safety ahead of knitting! And no use in going up over the weekend because the store was closed due to Maryland Sheep & Fiber. Basically we were doomed.

We never did order the grab bag from WEBS either since 2 of us are buying houses and we decided our stashes were currently large enough.

I, however, ordered the Yarn store in a box from Halcyon in Bath, Maine. SO worth the money!! I also ordered the pattern for their Lighthouse sock. That one is way out of my league but I love it anyway.

How do you like my pics? At least I finally have something to show for all I've been talking about. The Easter scarf is the one I talk about in my April 20th post.

OTN- the back of Sally Melville's Einstien coat from The Knit Stitch and the pouch part of Wonderful Wallaby.

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